Bea Williams, LPC-A

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Determined and Enthusiastic: Bea possesses these qualities making her an ideal Pediatric Behavioral Health Counselor.  Communicating with children can be especially challenging as they speak their own special language.  Not an easy task for some.  Bea can build relationships with her patients that foster positive change.

The ability to effectively observe development, play, coping skills and affect to create a plan of care that will allow the child to respond and regulate emotionally in a way that is productive for them and within the family unit is a skill that Bea has developed throughout her career.

Bea has been successfully assisting children as young as 3 years old in regulating and identifying their emotions.  Her unique approach creates a safe and comfortable environment that allows adolescents to open up and share their challenges and fears as they navigate turbulent times.

Bea is available for late afternoon and evening appointments.  She is currently taking new patients ages 3-21 years old.