First Responders and Mental Health: National Law Enforcement Week

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 Written by Marie B. Former First Responder

National Police Week is this week. It is meant to celebrate those officers who gave their life to protecting us and this week also honors the family members of said LEOs. They send them off to serve and protect! Sons, Daughters, Mothers and Fathers.

I for one, will be remembering those brave men and women that gave their lives to make me and my family safer. I am proud to have worked side by side with some of these men and women.

So, a little backstory of the history of police week. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation with designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week it falls in, as Police Week. Thousands of officers, family and community gather to remember those who gave their lives to the job, according to

LEOs run towards you when you need them. No questions asked. These folks, LEOs, whether they like to admit it or not, they/you are not 10ft tall and bulletproof. (Hence the vest, wink) When they respond to calls, even “routine” calls, they do so out of a sense of commitment and concern.

Please remember those that have fallen and their families. Along with the ones that remain to serve and protect. As well as their families. Their Mothers, Fathers, Spouses, Children and Community need them. Please remember them.

If you know anyone in the LE community and they are struggling, please get them help. The ongoing stress of the job can get to be too much. If you are a loved one of an officer, you feel the heat too, reach out. There are many therapists out there that get it. We here at Choices Counseling have counselors that are experienced in first responder’s stressors. EAPs that I’ve been talking about covers LEO and their families. Choices Counseling is one of them, here in South Carolina. We are always here to support those that support and give their lives daily. No questions asked. We pride ourselves in being judgement free. Telehealth is available and can accommodate around shifts.

Many thanks to the men and woman who sacrifice so much to protect me, and to their families who love and support them. I am grateful to y’all!

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate you.

Marie B. Former First Responder